Saturday, June 17, 2006

The American player’s lips did not move along with the 'star spangled banner', most likely they were praying to higher powers. After the win of Ghana earlier today, the United States can, with a win, take the American world cup dream out of the freezer.
I see many new names for the United States, while Italy seems to come out with a similar game plan as they used to win their first game. Italy is expected to seize possession over a second round ticket, no matter the plans of the Americans.
"I love the way they kick the ball around," says the commentator after a few minutes of play. Ironically, Italy was doing just that.
Although his praises prove their roots as the Americans set up some textbook attacks.
"I like what I see so far," he says.
The Italians see it too, Totti receives the first yellow of the game after he tried to foul the momentum out the Americans.
"The US is working their flanks, and is doing a much better job then they did against the Czech Republic," says the commentator. "Right now the Americans are winning the midfield battle.”
Fifteen minutes into the game, an American striker shows off his scissor moves over the ball, tricking the Italian defender. The cross is received by his teammate, who launches the ball three feet over the crossbar. America is in the game. Still they make a mistake. They make one foul too many. A diving Italian heads the ball, extending the free kick.


The Americans set the game, the Italians the score. And they scored again, minutes later. This time a defender flicks an American cross into own goal.


Drama hits the game, the crowd roars.
Rossi of Italy brakes under the emotional pressure. He elbows an American. The picture of blood on the American’s face will be in their papers tomorrow.
Still it favors the Americans, Italy now play with only ten men.
The game heats up, the teams now seem in balance. However, minutes before the end of the first half, an American tips the scale again.
"A make up call," says the commentator over the decision of the referee to issue the red card. Guilty or not, the United States also will have to play on with only ten men.
"A yellow, tops," still complains the commentator at the start of the second half.
The referee gives out a yellow, moments later, for the second time to the same American player.
Red again. It is now nine against ten.
"Take this referee off the field," shouts the commentator.
The Americans hold on strong, with nine men they give the ten Italians a true battle. The keeper of the Americans keeps the dream alive with a dive to the far post.
"A beautiful one handed save," calls the commentator. He is right, America is holding on with the tip of their nails, literally.
Italy is still in good shape with four points, and the United States is still on life support.
The man of the match was the referee, he shook the foundation of Group E.